Arrival at Mena House

I cannot tell you how happy I was when I heard that the official hotel was Mena House. We were originally planned to stay at a hotel far far away from the Pyramids, and to be honest, when you come and work at the Pyramids, might as well enjoy the view daily!!!

Not to mention that Mena House is without doubt one of the hotels in the world especially since it was bought by Marriott.  Come on, you wake up, you eat, you get married or party right in front of the Pyramids!

Although when I arrived today I was told that to make sure I had a quiet room, I was allocated a room with swimming pool view.

“Oh no I’m not” I clearly stated to the receptionist. It was a good and caring idea from the Tournament Team as last year, we had a few loud weddings it has to be said. But at the end of the day, 1. I work until 2am every day so I don’t mind if they make some noise till midnight 1am. 2. You don’t come to the closest hotel to the Pyramids to look at the swimming pool!

And thank the Lord, I was given the same room than I had last year – how do I know? I recognised AND my internet connected immediately same name, same room number. A little video I shot last year…

Seriously, would you change it for a pool view? Thanks Amr Mansi and his team for looking after me that well.

So tonight, eating on my own, staying away from the players for security until we are all tested – you don’t want to approach the players then find out the next day you are positive and force them to retire from the event as case contact!

Tomorrow, testing at 9.30, then straight to the room to wait for the results that usually come around 6pm… Loved the little video that Tim Garner did for us to remind us where the test is being held.

“How many people can boast that they are aiming for the Pyramids to get COVID tested” I told Tim after he sent me the video. “well, quite a lot” he retorted “91 tomorrow morning, and 30 the next day”.