Quotes from the Big Boys!

Hussein Abaza, CIB CEO

“Amazing two matches, brilliant matches!
And I’m always proud of my players, whether they win or lose, but they often win…

First of all, I want to thank everybody for coming. I want to thank the PSA, Amr Mansi for putting up a fantastic event for the 4th time. Insh’Allah some more. Also the Squash Federation, Magued, our team at CIB and IEvents team.

My colleagues at CIB for coming, good to see you all, and finally the four finalists for putting on a fantastic show.


Amr Mansi, Promoter IEvents.

A big thank you to our new partner SODIC, Magued Sherif and the whole team for their support. Mr Assem Khalifa, president of the Federation, Alex Gough and all the PSA team, it’s been a long journey and to more and more success. Thank you to the IEvents team.

Thank you to all the players, you made us all proud.

Thank you.



Magued Sherif, Sodic CEO

What an evening of squash, amazing athletes.

I would like to thank every athlete that took part in this competition. All the sponsors as well as all those who participated. Thank you so much and all  the best for the next tournament.

Alex Gough

On behalf of the PSA and the players, a huge thank you to Amr Mansi and his Ievents team, they always put on such an show and the venue here is truly spectacular.

Thanks to both Ministries Tourism and Antiquities and Youth and Sports for allowing us to host those incredible events. And thanks to the Federation to support everything we do and bringing on those fantastic players.

And we all know we wouldn’t be here without the sponsors. It’s great to see SODIC on board, one of the newest sponsors for squash, fantastic, thank you Magued, and obviously to CIB, we are very blessed to have the CIB Bank supporting squash to the level they do. So thank you so much Hussein.