Gaultier 3-1 Golan

Gregory Gaultier (FRA) 3-1 Borja Golan (ESP) 11-7, 9-11, 11-6, 12-10 (61m)

What a gruelling match between those two “OldTimers” as they called themselves. “where have the years gone” smiled Greg talking to Borja this morning in the BlackCab London Taxi that took them to the venue (COVID Oblige).

Greg was not too comfortable out there thanks to the court conditions – it’s a bit slippery to say the least, especially that court – and the funniest part will stay Greg’s face when Lee Beachill, PSA COO, told him that he had to clean the court himself. “You are kidding, I have 2 minutes to rest between games, and you want me to use it to clean the court?” After he understood the reasons, he went and tried to clean, which was I think even funnier… Love the COVID somehow!!

Borja shouldn’t retire. You cannot help loving his strong game, his dedication, but most of all his love of the game, his passion, his frustration when he plays the wrong shot. And watching both of them, fighting to get to the next round, was a true pleasure for us very few that were allowed to watch. I feel truly privileged.

If Borja wasn’t sure he was going to be able to play – a little touch of tendinitis could have prevented him to play but it got warmer then fine – Greg had at mid games, a bit of a drop of mental (?physical) energy, only to catch back scorewise.  Superb battle today. Truly.


I’m happy to get through today, it’s so hard you come 2 days doing nothing in an hotel room, no training, so for power, not that great preparation, you arrive here, all is new, you never played on the court, you have to rely on what you hear from the players. Not the best of conditions, but you have to do with what you have sometimes, play with the weapons you have on the day.

Borja is a player that never gives you anything for free. Even 10/0 he is a player that will fight tooth and nail and won’t let you get away with anything. He is still a great player and actually, we were joking about our old age in the cab coming here, it was nice to chat about our respective families, how we lived through the lockdown. Such a nice moment whereas we were about to play for our lives…