Golan 3-2 Aubert

Borja Golan (ESP) 3-2 Benjamin Aubert (FRA) 11-7, 13-15, 9-11, 11-4, 11-5 (83m)

A huge battle to start the day. I only got to see the first game and a half and there was a strong refereeing from John Massarella, giving out a lot of no lets and strokes to prevent the match becoming too riddled with decisions as both players were struggling at time with the other’s movement. Benji was slipping on the court, in particular at the end I’m told. Borja’s strong counterattack game, experience played a huge role today.

I know I always say that but this could be my last PSA season. So I’m very happy to compete here, and very happy to win. Very grateful to PSA and the sponsors to allow us to be here, and it’s a great venue, everything is new, great place.

I felt quite well, it’s all about adrenalin really, sometimes you get tired, then you recover, and he does the same, he is not a machine.

In the second, I was in control, 7/3, but I lost a bit of focus…. In the fourth, I got up 7/1, I took my chances to the front, played short rallies, it worked. The fifth, about the same, I got a good start, I think the quality of my squash was higher, no more unforced errors. And he was struggling with his movement to the front I think because it was a bit slippery.

So happy I can compete again, I screamed very loudly at the end, because I was so happy to be playing again. I think this match will do good to my confidence, I’m enjoying it, which is the most important…