The Opening Party at Mena House

A Brilliant Night at the Pyramids orchestrated by the Godfather of Squash…

Ok, we were not exactly AT the pyramids, but as good as. Like the Meridien Hotel, Mena House is very, very close to the Pyramids. Actually, it’s on the road going to them, the last post you would say.

It’s a famous hotel for all prestigious occasions, and the CIB World Tour Finals Party back in June was actually organised here as well.

The presence of Amr Shabana was a surprise for us, and a nice one. The Maestro, who really made his mark on the tour for a decade, winning 4 world titles, is one of the most brilliant players that ever was and we miss him terribly. Terribly.

One other player we miss terribly is of course the Artist Ramy Ashour. Mr Hussein Abaza, CIB Vice President, who I’m sure you know very well by now, the Godfather of Squash, gave him the Farewell he was dreaming of by giving him an Career Achievement Award.

“I’m very happy that the Al-Ahram tournament is coming to life again, and in this amazing manner” said Ramy with emotion in his voice. “I don’t think there is anything better than playing in front of the Pyramids.”

“I’m very envious of you guys, playing this week, because I miss playing there” he confessed.

The three time world champion, former number one, unbeaten for 53 matches (including WSF) went on thanking Amr Mansi: “Everyone is proud of you Amr”, he smiled. “And you should be as proud of yourself as everybody else is.”

This is one of the most important days of my life. I have been dreaming of to have the closure of my career here in Egypt, and this is just out of this world. “

As he concluded his thank you’s, Ramy couldn’t not speak about the Godfather, Mr Abaza, who is orchestrating CIB support to the Egyptian Squash World, and to the World of Squash in general.

When I was living a nightmare with my body from October last year, up to January, I was fighting a lot to try and come back, doctors, surgeries, living a nightmare, I got a phone call from Mr Abaza, who heard about my troubles, and just picked up the phone: “Tell me what I can do, we at CIB are here to help with whatever you need”. And I am saying that because so many people work in the background, and we do not speak about them enough.  So I just want to give thanks to you, because I never had the chance to do it publicly.. ”

The party went on with lovely food and plenty of desserts I should NOT have indulged into, sue me, God made me this shape, who am I to argue.

Once again, thanks to the Sponsors, the Organisation IEvents, but most of all, thank you CIB for the good you are doing to all of us involved in squash. Shoukran Gazilan ya Godfather.